Aimlesss Encounters Hot Fire Friday featuring Reysins

Aimlesss Encounters Hot Fire Friday featuring Reysins
I am starting a new series here on The Nu Miami! I would like to introduce to you Hot Fire Fridays. This is going to be where I introduce you lovely hip hop heads to new sounds, and emerging artists who each bring their own original sound, style and vibe to the music culture of our Magic City. Miami is known to celebrate the underdog and be a melting pot of diversity, so why not showcase it?
This Friday my first post is going to be about Reysins. She is slightly quirky, but fierce with the bars. The type to make a joke and kill you with lyricism in the same sentence. I love how she brings her Chi-Town pride and is always relating the experiences from being born and raised in Chicago to the 305. She has a vibe that stands out among many female rappers. Her rhymes are charming and witty, consistent with her personality. It’s admirable to watch someone proudly and avidly be their candid selves and stand up for what they believe while being conscious of others.
 I actually have a story for you guys just so you can see how true to herself she is. It actually caught me by surprise, which at this point in time in my Miami Music Career is hard to do. I asked her to send me audio for the video I captured during her shoot. I was expecting her to send me just simple 3 minute audio of her talking about herself and introducing her personality to the viewers but she definitely gave me way more than I was expecting. The next day I opened my email and she sent me 3 minutes of straight bars and her going in on a beat. At first I had no idea what to do with it or how to incorporate it in her candid video. I was shook. But as I began editing her flow and her high energy just clicked and made magic. Really similar to what she does with her music every day.
Keep an eye out for this young free spirit. She most definitely has a lot more surprises to give us.
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